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– Ron Fossum

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Freebies and insights into tax laws and planning.

8 Lines of Defense from Lawsuits

8 Steps in the Lawsuit Process

8 Steps in the Lawsuit Process

Here are 8 Steps in the Lawsuit process that every business owner should know. Analysis by Opposing Counsel Does an attorney think they have a case they can ARGUE… it doesn’t matter if they can WIN. Demand Letter from Opposition Attach a dollar amount or resolution to the claim (i.e.: apology, $$, etc.) Filing Lawsuit […]

Start-Up Expenses Explained

Start-Up Expenses Explained

Strategy:  IRS Makes Deducting Start-Up Expenses Easier Before explaining how the IRS just made your life easier, let’s briefly review what defines a  start-up expense.” Basically, a start-up expense is an expense that would not be deductible without this special tax break which allows you to deduct both your “thinking about getting into business expenses” […]

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