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Tax Plan Wealth is here to help you fix you focus, fix your financials, and facilitate good decisions. Feel free to schedule a no obligation appointment with me so we can talk about the future of your business.

– Ron Fossum

Set an appointment using the link above, and read Ron’s list of the 14 most common mistakes that pierce the corporate veil and puts all your personal assets at risk!


Planning for the Future while Securing Your Goals


Providing high-level tax planning, as well as tax resolution, attorney, and preparation services. Our national draw isn’t confined to tax services as we provide fractional CFO services and monthly accounting and reconciliation. 

Providing high-level tax planning, as well as tax resolution, attorney, and preparation services. Our national draw isn’t confined to tax services as we provide fractional CFO services and monthly accounting and reconciliation. 


How confident are you that you're maximizing tax breaks and minimizing tax liabilities?

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of our clients who have gone through our analysis feel confident in their financial situation – bringing them closer to achieving their financial dreams.

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Tax-Savings and Wealth-Building

Because taxes are the number one expense of any business, we provide a structured plan so that you’re paying the least amount of taxes allowable by law. Learn more about our results-driven services.


Tax Planning

Tax Plan Wealth provides clear tax reduction plans customized specifically for you and your business.

Tax Resolution

We help protect you from the IRS and resolve your tax problems so you can reclaim your business.

Tax Preparation

Get more from your taxes this year with Tax Plan Wealth. Our skilled team finds your deductions.

Fractional CFO

All the benefits of a seasoned CFO to help guide financial decision-making without high executive costs.

Tax Attorney

Entrust our experienced tax attorneys to provide your case with the legal guidance and solutions it needs.

Monthly Accounting & Reconciliation

We work with business owners in industries nationwide providing accounting and controllership services.

Gain a more complete picture of your businesses financial health with our seasoned CFO and tax planning pros.

Could your business pay the same amount of income tax as Amazon – $0.00? Put a plan into motion to help your business begin making money instead of spending money.

Sole Proprietorship

The sole proprietor is responsible for all the business’s debts and liabilities with no distinction between the business and the owner.

Limited Liability Company

An LLC is considered a hybrid legal entity because it has traits of other business structures, depending on the owners elections.


Partnerships are considered a pass-through entity when it comes to taxation. In many ways, it's like an expanded sole proprietorship.


Corporations are a company or group of people authorized to act as a single legal entity. The company is considered separate from its owners.


Tax Planning solutions for every line of enterprise business

Our tax planning follows an honest approach, to achieve maximum benefits of tax laws, by applying the script and moral of law. Therefore the objectives below do not in any way contradict the concept of tax laws.


Lowering taxes increases profitability and grows wealth.
Join the Growing number of those set free!

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Spanning the Nation with our Services

Technology Company

Based in Texas - serving Burger King worldwide

C-Suite Employment Agency

Based on Wall Street - New York

Background Check Company

Based in Cincinnati

Grocery Store Chain

Based in California

Marketing Company

Based in Texas

Specialty Corrosion Removal Company

Based in the Mid-West - for Oil Refineries

Specialty Labor Company

for the US Navy Shipyards

Chain of Gyms

Based in the heart of the Mid-West

Tele-Comm Company

Based in Canada


Latest Press Release & Articles

8 Lines of Defense from Lawsuits

8 Lines of Defense from Lawsuits

Here are 8 Lines of Defense from Lawsuits every business owner should have. Good Business Practices Using contracts and proper documentation of services offered AND what’s NOT included in services. Entity Structure Sole Prop, Partnership, S or C Corp, LLC. Entity Compliance Don’t just meet the minimum requirements. “Preponderance of the Evidence” criteria. Insurance General […]

8 Steps in the Lawsuit Process

8 Steps in the Lawsuit Process

Here are 8 Steps in the Lawsuit process that every business owner should know. Analysis by Opposing Counsel Does an attorney think they have a case they can ARGUE… it doesn’t matter if they can WIN. Demand Letter from Opposition Attach a dollar amount or resolution to the claim (i.e.: apology, $$, etc.) Filing Lawsuit […]

Start-Up Expenses Explained

Start-Up Expenses Explained

Strategy:  IRS Makes Deducting Start-Up Expenses Easier Before explaining how the IRS just made your life easier, let’s briefly review what defines a  start-up expense.” Basically, a start-up expense is an expense that would not be deductible without this special tax break which allows you to deduct both your “thinking about getting into business expenses” […]

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